Winter is Coming! Are Your Hair & Skin Prepared?

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Ahhhh, the fall season. Crunchy leaves on the ground, the smell of pumpkin in the air… and dry skin?! Oh no! The weather has transitioned from summer to fall, and it’s time your skincare routine follows suit.

Your moisturizer is your knight in shining armor to rescue your hair and skin from the harsh elements this season—silky, smoothing, hydrating! Daily moisturizing is not just for naturally dry skin types. As the weather gets colder, using the right daily moisturizer is essential for all skin types, and will keep your skin feeling soft and luscious even while you’re bundled up. Ditch the lightweight lotions and sprays that were ideal from summer, and pick up a winter-approved moisturizer to ensure healthy hair and skin through the fall and winter. 



Hydration is what’s going to provide immediate protection from the brisk air, but what are the long-term benefits of moisturizing daily? While immediate results are important, long-term effects are even more so, after all, it’s your skin and you kinda have to live in it, well, forever. The benefits of moisturizing don’t stop at being a much-needed, instant barrier from the elements—repetitive, regular usage of a good moisturizer has been known to help save your skin from future wrinkles, acne, and peeling, too. 

Choosing the right moisturizer for Fall and Winter months can be tough when you have a long checklist to fill. We've got your back with (SPIN)Therapy, a two-in-one leave-in conditioner for hair, and an amazingly silky lotion for skin. The perfect defense against the drying brisk fall air, with both sage and rosemary essential oils to promote healthy blood circulation, smooth, and tighten while the inherent antibacterial properties of sweet basil keep you smellin’ fresh.

Taking a few short moments every morning or every night to properly moisturize hair and skin will create more manageable, healthier hair and skin over time. So you can focus less on hair and skin repair, damge-control, and worry, and spend more on carving the perfect pumpkin. More than anything, having a freshly moisturized face just feels amazing. Treat your skin—your skin will thank you!



Our unique formula provides intensive hydration without feeling overly greasy to the touch. Infused with a botanical array of sage, rosemary, and sweet basil extracts, your hair and skin will look, feel and smell as lush and fresh as a garden in bloom through the fall and winter.





Sophia is a marketing student and coffee enthusiast. She loves skincare, dogs, and dark lipstick. You can usually find her collecting vinyl or eating Chinese food with a face mask on. Follow her on Instagram @agentscvlly