5 Super Foods for Healthy Winter Hair


Mother nature has set the thermometer to arctic tundra here in Philadelphia, so the war against winter weather on our hair has already begun! If you’re snowed in or just too cold to go out but need moisture STAT, the perfect products to add moisture to dry winter strands are very likely located in your own pantry! Here are some vegan friendly produce ingredients that you may already have lying in the fridge that you can add to your winter hair care routine to keep your hair off the naughty list! These 5 foods for healthy hair should be your winter staple snacks if you want healthy, moisturized hair from within all winter long.


1. Bananas

For Damaged, Color Treated Hair

You love to live life in color so why should your winter hair care regimen be a gray area? You don't have to be Picasso to treat your hair like a masterpiece, if you are currently experiencing winter hair damage due to color treatments, the solution is right on your palette—we mean, plate. Color outside of the lines and add the healthy hair benefits of banana's to your hair care regimen. Banana's contain vitamin B6 and Biotin, which helps restore shine and strengthen hair combating dull, mousy results that chemicals in hair dye can leave on your hair. Increasing the amount of bananas you eat on a regular basis, or even applying them directly to your scalp with a DIY banana hair mask will take your hair from wreckage to rainbow. 


2. Lemon Juice

For Dandruff

Winter is here but let's keep the snow on the ground and off your head. Before you go full Elsa this year, remember that although the weather outside can be beautiful, it can also cause dry skin, including your scalp which can lead to dandruff. Leave the (snow)flakes to Jack Frost and start applying lemon juice to the root of your hair for results fit for an ice queen. Even if the cold never bothers you anyway, lemon juice helps regulate blood flow and produce the natural oils of your hair needed in order to stay moisturized and reduce dandruff. Lemon juice is one of nature’s best treatments for getting rid of dandruff. It’s natural acidity helps restore a healthy pH balance for your scalp, which is a known cause of flakey, dry scalp and dundruff. Being a citrus fruit, lemons are rich in citric acid which also reaps many antibacterial properties helping to keep dandruff and bad-bacteria at bay on your scalp which would otherwise potentially clog your scalp and stunt healthy hair growth. When life gives you lemons, squeeze them on your scalp, gently rub it onto your scalp and roots for about 10 minutes, rinse it out, and then just let it gOoOoOo (sorry we couldn't help it.)


3. Strawberries

For Brittle, Thinning Hair

Growing up is hard to do, but growing your hair doesn’t have to be! Fairy tales may not really exist, but adding strawberries to your vegan hair care regimen will produce a natural happily ever after that we can all get behind. Strawberries contain vitamin C, which not only help strengthen your hair, but promotes growth and the body’s production of collagen. Vitamin C difficiency is also a major cause for split ends! And we all know that split ends are the last thing you need if you’re already dealing with brittle, thinning hair, as split ends leads to further breakage and hair loss. Strawberries are also a natural source of ellagic acid which has been found to help delay hair loss, and can help improve thinning hair and hair loss due to alopecia. Adding strawberries will give you Goldilocks that even Rapunzel would envy and making your short hair a once upon a time.  


4. Spinach

For Growth Retention

It must not come to any surprise that spinach found it’s way on our list of top 5 foods for healthy winter hair! If you’re familiar with the benefits of espinache’s spinach-infused natural products for healthy hair and skin, then you may already know the endless list of key B-vitamins and minerals contained in spinach that are essential for healthy hair growth. If you’ve been growing out your hair but are having a hard time retaining length, spinach just may be the thing that’s missing in your diet. In just half a cup of cooked spinach (boiled is healthiest), you get 0.5 mcg of biotin, also known as vitamin B7. Biotin is one of the most widely used supplemental vitamins for healthy hair, skin and nails. However, it is possible to intake too much biotin. It is always best to source your vitamins and nutrients from a healthy diet rather than turning to pills and synthetic supplements. The biotin-rich content of spinach will help strengthen your hair and help prevent thinning hair and breakage so that you can start retaining your hair length and seeing growth more quickly!

sweet potatoes

5. Sweet Potatoes

For Dull Hair + New Growth

Including more sweet potatoes in your diet can go a long way when it comes to preserving the health, vibrancy and shine of your hair. The key nutrient in sweet potatoes benefiting hair growth is beta carotene. This is an essential pre-vitamin needed to produce and absorb vitamin A. This helps ensure a healthy scalp and the production of healthy new hair growth. Similarly to other vitamins and supplements, it is always best to absorb vitamins through natural food sources as opposed to pill, powder, and synthetic pill forms. Sweet potatoes are also rich in carotenoids which provides a natural glow and vibrancy. They do this by enhancing the natural red and yellow tones in our pigment giving the appearance of glowing, vibrant hair and to combat dullness and grays.


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