Three Beauty Rituals to Say ✌️ Out to Stress + Anxiety


Speaking of stress, I'm on the same page. After recent major life changes, going through the last stretch of grad school, dealing with some brutal Philly winter weather (though, not for long - will explain that later!), and grappling with grief and anxiety over the past few years after losing my mom to cancer, I've been taking more time to simply relax, heal, and recharge.

You probably know what I mean when I say that sometimes the hardest thing to do is doing nothing at all. I know I can’t be the only one who has a hard time just stepping on the breaks and taking some time for myself to do nothing at all or something relaxing. But having mental health days or 'do nothing' days are so important to being productive and happy. You might feel guilty for taking time for yourself because you're caught up in your daily to-dos -- house keeping, work, school, and taking care of others more than yourself. But you have to remember that in order to best serve others, you have to first take care of YOU!

These are just 3 of my quick (under 10 minute) me-time rituals (with help from the new Clarity Collection!) that have helped me take some time out for myself. Me-time can be as simple as taking 10 minutes to soak in a bath or 2 minutes for a tension-relieving scalp and temple massage. I hope these ideas can help you to press pause and take even just a few unapologetic minutes for yourself. Stress free. Anxiety Free. And most importantly - guilt free.

tension-relief scalp massage

This soft tip scalp massaging brush is really a three in one. The soft tip bristles feel amazing on wash day, relieving tension and soothing headaches especially if you focus on your temple areas! When you boost your hair wash day with this brush, you also boost blood circulation which in turn promotes healthy hair growth. Last but not least, this brush will give you a deeper clean, genlty lifting away stubborn dandruff, flakes, dead skin and product build up. Next time you've had a long day at work and too much on the brain, take 5-10 minutes to hop in the shower, lather up with your favorite shampoo, and enjoy the relaxation of this scalp massaging brush!

muscle relaxation + detox

If you're usually on the move or you're on your feet most of the day, this Bath Tea + Salt Soak is for you! Dealing with persistent aches and tired feet is a huge damper on your mood and anxiety. Taking sitting breaks throughout the day can help, but your tired feet will appreciate going the extra mile of relaxation with this detoxifying salt soak. Fill a small bucket (big enough for both feet) with very warm water. Dump in a few spoonfuls of our bath tea + salt soak, dissolve, and soak your tired feet for 10-20 minutes. If you can spare a few more minutes, after patting feet dry with a fluffy towel, grab the pedicure set that's been hiding unused in your bathroom cabinet and put it to use!

at-home facial spa day

It's funny how facial masks feel like 'pampering' when really, they should be part of a healthy skincare regimen in the first place! Purifying bentonite clay and French green clay are the VIPs of this facial mud mask. These mineral rich clays draw out impurities by absorbing oils, dirt, makeup and gunk from your pores. Natural tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils are naturally antibacterial, fighting acne and blemish causing bacteria. I love the feel of my skin after using this and also love the natural brightening powers of basil and rosemary essential oils that have helped reduce my scarring and dark spots. You can feel a tingling sensation of the active ingredients at work as soon as you apply this! To apply, mix in equal parts water with facial mask powder in a small bowl adding more powder for a thicker paste. Just remember, the thicker the paste, the longer your dry time will be! So if you're in a pinch, dilute with water and apply with a brush or fingertips.

I hope these help you find even just 5-10 minutes from time to time to unwind and de-stress like they have helped me!

Stay Natural,