Road trip season is officially upon us! Between grueling car rides, lengthy hikes, trips down the shore, and the sweltering summer sun, keeping your beauty regimen in check can be a challenge—but it doesn't have to be! Espinache products are for hair AND skin which makes for light travel and a happy, healthy, confident you. When heading out on your summer time adventures, here are some helpful tips to ensure that both your beauty routine and your trip can go as smoothly as possible.


First, make sure your skin is ultra hydrated.  On my 8-hour road trip to Rangeley, Maine, (spin)therapy was clutch for dry skin.  

(Spin)therapy doubles as an amazing body lotion as well as a leave in conditioner.  By using a dab of this miracle moisturizer in your hair, your luscious locks will thank you by the time you pull up to your hiking destination!


Stress can play a huge part in the deterioration of your body and health, so plan ahead and figure out exactly where you'll be staying prior to travel.

I personally loved staying at The Farmhouse Inn where "upcycling" (re-using unwanted objects or materials) is the owner's specialty! How cool are those mason jars doubling as silverware holders? Or even that basin that was turned into a sink? PLUS the beds are super comfy making for a great night's sleep.  

3 // dRINK UP

If you're going on an adventure, bring lots of water not only to quench your thirst, but also to keep your skin healthy and clear of blemishes.  Believe it or not, doctors recommend drinking about a half gallon of water each day!

Investing in a good water bottle will help you to stay hydrated and remind you to drink more water. I bring my Contigo everywhere!


Fourth, throw a travel sized (spin)mist hydrating dry oil into you're bag when swimming in fresh or saltwater, so afterwards you can de-frizz your hair and renew your skin by pumping a few spritzes onto your arms, legs and wet hair.

(Spin)mist is great for rejuvenating frizzy, damaged, and dry hair and revitalizing cracked and dry skin.


Fifth, and most importantly, take  time to relax! Enjoy yourself and make the most of multiuse products that you can use on both your hair and body.

Stratton, Maine

Stratton, Maine

Comment below and let us know where you are heading off to this summer so we can live vicariously through you!

Happy travels!