Team Espinache's Guide to Packing Light

Traveling overseas this summer? We’ve got you covered with tips for packing light and helping you to look as non-touristy as possible. As you jet off to all of your destinations this summer, this list of simple tips will be your BFF.

One major key to traveling around the world is to free yourself from too much luggage. Less luggage will make you more mobile and in control—keep in mind , you might have to haul all of your belongings through cities and metros and busses and trains! We get it though…packing light is hard! Of course everyone wants to bring 5 dresses, 7 pairs of shoes, 10 shirts, 8 pants, 3 skirts, 2 jackets, their entire beauty salon, and their dog Fluffy, but if we’re being real here, fitting everything into a 9x21x14 suitcase is just not possible. So we’ve thought up a few easy fixes to help you solve your packing woes.

1.     Choose a color palette for your clothes. I would recommend navy, black, white, or maroon—but this is entirely up to you and it 100% depends on what you have in your closet.

2.     Plan entire outfits ahead of time and save space by bringing outfits that you can mix and match.  Pack layers rather than a heavy coat.

3.     Wear all of your heavy/space consuming belongings on the plane (i.e. if you want to bring your $350 boots, wear ‘em because there is a good chance that they will take up way to much space in your suitcase.)

4.     Bring a lightweight raincoat. You never know when the weatherman is going to throw you for a loop! Be prepared!

5.     Try to bring only 3 pairs of shoes.  One pair of classy shoes (heels or flats) for going out, a pair of closed toes shoes (like boots) if it gets a little chilly, and some walking shoes/sandals.  The walking shoes are the most important and a good pair can go a long way. We recommend checking out Chacos—they’re super comfy sandals that are even good in the rain.  (Pro tip: Before leaving, wear your shoes around the house and out in your neighborhood to make sure you don’t get blisters)

6.     Try to bring only the essentials for your makeup/beauty products.  Plus if you need anything abroad, going into drug stores in search of a new shampoo can be an exciting adventure.

7.     Finally, cut down the amount of beauty items by bringing your (Spin)Go Travel set.  This mini salon-on-the-go includes our (Spin)Mist hydrating dry oil, (Spin)Suds soap bar, and a sisal exfoliating bag.  The all-in-one (Spin)Mist dry oil is perfect for de-frizzing your hair (without making it greasy!), moisturizing your body, and preventing razor bumps. The (Spin)Suds soap bar smells so good and with the help of the sisal exfoliating bag will help you to lather up and leave you squeaky clean. The best part—this all fits in your carry-on and are travel sized to make it through security!


Happy Travels!

-Megan and Team Espinache

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