How To Streamline Your Morning Routine


We're officially in winter mode which means gone are the days of plentiful natural light and warm mornings. It's always hard to get up in the morning but in combination with winter's darkness and most dreary weather, it can be nearly impossible. Here are some ways you can streamline your morning routine and beat the winter bleariness. 



1. Set an alarm - and stick to it!

The snooze button is either the greatest invention of all time or the worst (depending on who you're asking of course!). But don't fall into the "just five more minutes" trap. Set a realistic time for you to wake up in the morning and put your alarm somewhere far away from your bed. It's all to easy to just roll over and hit that snooze, but this method ensures you'll actually have to get up to get up (I know, what a concept). 


2. Figure out your key grooming habits

Find a few basic grooming habits you can commit to every day (cleansing and moisturizing, for example) and make sure the products you use are always where you can find them easily. Nothing is more frustrating than spending an extra five minutes digging through your bathroom cabinet knowing your moisturizer 'has to be in there somewhere'. Find which products you can't skip and keep them organized. Then once you got the basics down you can incorporate your own personal touches. Blush and mascara for those days you're feeling a little bit fancier, or maybe hair gel to slick back a man bun when you just don't want to bother with styling. Build a solid foundation using basic products and methods you trust and repeat day after day to keep you and your skin sane. For a streamlined moisturizing routine, we recommend (SPIN)Therapy Moisturizer—it's two-in-one formula and key moisturizing ingredients like aloe and avocado oil make it easy to add hydration to both hair and skin all in one jar. 

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3. Don't Skip Breakfast

We've all read the countless studies on how breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Regularly eating breakfast can improve brain function and can help prepare your body's rhythms and systems for the day. Personally, I'm never all too hungry in the morning, so if I don't have a grab-and-go breakfast prepared already, I've been guilty of skipping it entirely. And those are the disastrous days—when hunger starts to set in basically the moment I leave the house. Be proactive and have a breakfast plan ready to go the night before. There are tons of easy recipes online for breakfasts you can make the night before like overnight oats or pre-bagging your favorite smoothie ingredients so all you have to do is blend and go! If you can't meal prep, just make sure there's something for you to eat. Energy bars make a great quick fix! 


4. Let there be light

A lot of these tips have to do with being proactive the night before and this one is no exception. Sleep with your blinds open so that way when it's time to wake up your body naturally senses the light. It may be too cold in some parts of the country to use this tactic so try having some sort of light source you can easily turn on in the morning. Your body will naturally want to awaken when there's light. So if you can, skip the shades and let your body's natural rhythms do the rest. 

Whether you're a morning person or the other 99% of the world, these tips should make it easier to take on the day with gusto. Or, at least, with fewer eye crusties. It's all about the small victories!


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Our gentle exfoliating oatmeal soap is the perfect night-time cleanser to prep for a dreamy night's sleep. Counting sheep and catching zzz's is much easier with soothing fragrance of our sultry Bonfire (SPIN) Suds Bar—scented with lavender and sandalwood essential oils. Naturally fortified with soothing oatmeal, your skin will flaunt an all new clean as you drift into your dream state for a good night's rest and even better tomorrow. 



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