4 Ways To Celebrate Winter Even When You Live In A Desert

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Thinking of winter conjures up images of dancing snowflakes, sipping cocoa around a hot fire, and fuzzy holiday socks. My problem is, I live in the desert where it stays a solid 80 degrees every day, even well into December. My second problem is, winter is my favorite season. 

If you're like me, and you love winter but live somewhere that doesn't every let you fully embrace your chilly cheerfulness that is sweater weather here's some tips to help you bring in your favorite time of year!

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1. Add Winter Veggies to Meals

It's 2017, which means you can find pretty much any vegetable you're looking for in the freezer aisle if it's not in the fresh produce section. One of my favorite ways to help my mind feel like it's winter starts with my plate. 

Here are some winter veggies to try adding to your favorite dishes or even as hearty sides: 

  • Spinach:
    A leafy green you can chop up raw in a salad, add to pasta sauce, or cook into stews. 

  • Kale:
    Another leafy green you can make a smoothie out of or add to a salad. 

  • Brussels Sprouts:
    Best as a side to any meal. 
  • Parsnips:
    Try your hand at making a parsnip based soup!
  • Onions:
    Onions are an absolute necessity for bringing out flavor in almost any meal and for other veggies. 
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2. Bundle Up and Watch Holiday Movies

Okay, so it's still hot outside but that doesn't mean you have to keep on with the summer activities! There's absolutely nothing that compares to calling over a few of your favorite friends, popping in a holiday movie, and cooking up some hot cocoa (don't forget the marshmallows!) when it comes to forgetting the warm weather.

Some of my favorite holiday movies include the classics like:

  • Home Alone
    For everyone - seriously, there's no one that dislikes this movie
  • A Christmas Story
    For those who value the classics
  • The Polar Express
    For those of us who are still a kid at heart
  • A Nightmare Before Christmas
    For those of us still into Halloween
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3. Make a Winter Tunes Playlist

So your summer playlist was full of upbeat pop songs to get hype to while you swim or tan, but it's just as easy and fun to make a winter playlist! Even if it's not snowing outside, calming and melodic songs will let you close your eyes and imagine the snowflakes falling.

Some of my favorite artists to add to a winter playlist are folk rock Fleet Foxes, acoustic singer-songwriter Julien Baker, and indie-rock legends Belle and Sebastian. If you don't want to make your own, you can always find pre-made playlists like this one to get you in the winter mood!

Some of my favorite winter tunes to get your playlist started: 

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4. Decorate - Even Cacti Look Good All Lit Up!

Growing up in the desert, we learned to make do with our lack of trees with an overflowing passion for holiday decorations. Desert landscaping only leaves more room for light up figurines! Don't be afraid to string Christmas lights on your cacti to celebrate your desert home in style. Most desert cities are home to cacti gardens that are decorated every year for the holidays, which is an amazing place to get the winter inspiration started. Why not try making a succulent wreath? 

When evergreens aren't an option, turn to succulents. These are three of my favorite holiday decor ideas using these cute spikey plants:

Living in the desert doesn't have to mean summer year-round - get into the winter spirit and embrace your desert living! 



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