5 Thoughtful Tips to Beat Holiday Stress

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The holidays are my absolute favorite time of the year. The food, the people, the decorations—but NOT the stress that comes with buying presents and concentrated family time. It's absolutely normal to be overwhelmed. But, all it takes is a few simple yet mindful ways to cope with holiday headaches. 

With your sanity and wellbeing in mind, we’ve created a handy little guide of the five things you should remember to do to bounce back when you start turning into the Grinch.

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1. Alone Time

Around this time every year you’ll be hit with endless invites from friends and family for parties, dinners, and gift-exchanges. Your schedule is going to be jam-packed with jolly fun—which can be overwhelming for most folks. Here’s where you’re going to want to pencil in some time to be alone with yourself. This can be as simple as an hour at the gym, a solo meal, or an evening with a glass of wine and your favorite cult TV show. This will allow you to recollect your mind before heading straight back into the holiday cheer.

So go on if you haven't yet—pick up your to-do list and pencil in me time! 

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2. Meditation

You can have plans B-Z lined up, but things are bound to get hectic at one point during your holiday festivities. Having a way to take a momentary step back and recollect is vital. Before you hit your breaking point, take 10-15 minutes in the other room to breathe, recenter your mind, and refocus what’s important in the moment. While your little cousins are pushing down the Christmas tree and your family is getting to that embarrassing level of inebriated, you’ll know your head is in the right place to take it all in and make new memories.

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3. Plan a Budget

Money can be a sensitive topic when it comes to the holidays, but it’s also one of the biggest stressors. Your list is a mile long with best friends, coworkers, and cousins that you need to gift, but your wallet may not stretch as far as your imagination. To avoid unnecessary stress when it comes down to the wire, know exactly how much you are realistically able to set aside for gift-giving. From there, you can decide how much you’re willing to spend on each person. If you’re under budget: hooray! It’s stocking-stuffer time!


4. Eat Well

Not only is it the season of cheer, but it is also cold and flu extravaganza! Beyond being bundled up, you can fuel your insides with the right stuff to keep you out of bed (at least until the holidays are over). Start with a protein shake in the morning to fill you up for longer and keep you from snacking on empty carbs leftover from Thanksgiving. Make sure to get your daily dose of vitamin C through juices and whole fruit, and of course—SPINACH! The wonder food that’s good for you inside and out, spinach will help keep you going. Feeling good on the inside doesn’t just stop at your mind.

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5. Take Care of Your Body

Your mental health is closely related to how well you treat your body. Imagine going a week without washing your face—not a great feeling, right? With everything going on inside your mind, your body deserves to be pampered to shed the stress right off. Cold weather can usually mean dry skin, so make sure you have a stellar exfoliator at the ready. Moisturizer and hair gelly with your favorite scent will keep you feeling fresh and smelling good no matter how much running around you’re doing.

Keeping your stress levels down during the frantic holiday season IS possible - being mindful of how you care for yourself is your first step to a jolly end of the year. Vegan gingerbread men are the second step.

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Sophia is a marketing student and coffee enthusiast. She loves skincare, dogs, and dark lipstick. You can usually find her collecting vinyl or eating Chinese food with a face mask on. Follow her on Instagram @agentscvlly

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