5 Eco-Friendly Gift-Wrapping Hacks


Looking to save your wallet and the earth this holiday season? You might have to figure out if regifting that rice cooker you got last year applies to reduce, reuse, or recycle on your own, but in the mean time, we've got 5 eco-friendly gift-wrapping ideas that don't skimp on creativity! 


1. Bundle up your gifts in Reusable fabric

Have any scraps left from your Halloween DIY? Still can't get that stain out of your Thanksgiving tablecloth? Reuse! Snag some ribbon or string and tie up your gifts in cute little fabric packages. The might look like you spent a fortune, but don't worry. We won't tell.

Better yet, and even less wasteful, you can also bundle up your gifts using scarves, ribbon, scrunchies, bandannas, or cloth napkins. This way, the wrapping becomes a gift all on its own. Your silk wrapping will scream equal parts "luxurious" and "thrifty". Put those adjectives in your Instagram bio!

Source: 2Modern Blog & Sophie Sausser

Source: 2Modern Blog & Sophie Sausser

2. Revamp old GIFT wrapping for a new twist

Revamp should be the fourth of the three R's (right after regifting, of course). The best wrapping paper is very likely already tucked away in your junk drawer or craft closet. Bust out the old wrapping paper you've been saving and personalize it using stamps or ink. Add custom touches like the recipient's favorite flower or their name. A gift-wrap job with a personal touch? That's a gift that keeps on giving!


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3. Make your paper count

If there is one domesticated thing I've inherited from my parents, it's my weird obsession with keeping paper grocery bags tucked away somewhere in my kitchen at all times. If you're anything like me, then this tip will ensure you finally get some use out of them. Cut-up paper bags can be folded and decorated to look festive and expensive. The brown paper wrapping look is totally vintage. An aesthetic booster and an eco-friendly use for your old grocery bags? That's a real holiday miracle. 

You can also use old maps or newspaper (who didn't love getting a birthday present wrapped up in the comics when they were younger?) Wrapping paper is just that - paper. And you're bound to have something cute laying around your home.



4. Think practical with pots

If you're gifting a plant or flowers to a loved one, think smarter - not harder. A clay flower pot makes the perfect little carrier for your green goodies. Flower pots even work for gifts that may not be botanical. Use them to stash little trinkets. Now your loved one has a gift and a pot they can use however they like! Two gifts in one cute, eco-friendly container.


Source: Andi Jenkens of All Put Together

Source: Andi Jenkens of All Put Together

5. Trade in the tissue paper

Tissue paper is wasteful and is a pain to recycle. Use shredded documents as filler in your wrapping. You can dye or paint the paper before or after shredding. Or you can just leave it as-is for an eclectic and quirky look. You'll be gift wrapping and finally getting rid of all of those documents you've been meaning to shred for years - all at once! 

Whether you're wrapping gifts for the holidays or you're just feeling generous this winter, these tips will help you step up your gift-giving game in a major way. Being kind to the earth is always on trend!

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