How to Find Your Perfect Beard Shape & Length

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A man’s beard is usually (ok, always) his pride and joy. A groomed beard that is properly cared for is a weapon of mass destruction when it comes to being the most attractive man in the room.  A good beard trim and shape can balance out the features of your face in the best ways possible. A suitable beard style for you will properly frame your face, showcase your best facial features, and mask flaws such as uneven skin tone, wrinkles, scars, and acne. It is also said that a well-maintained beard can help your face appear more symmetric.

So the question isn't are beards great, because we already know the answer is yes. The question here is how does one obtain the perfect beard?

Finding the right beard shape to suit your face may be the most important thing to consider before growing out your beard.


If you have a longer oval face, consider growing a beard along the entirety of your chin and jaw. Make sure you don't grow it out too long though because it could further lengthen the appearance of your face.


If your face is wider, you can use your beard shape to lengthen the overall appearance of your face. For rounded faces, we recommend growing your beards longer. You could also consider growing some facial hair in the center of your chin or around your mouth as well. Think soul patch, goatee, and mustache.

Ultimately, the shape and style of your beard is completely up to you. The most important factor to top off any beard shape or length is confidence.


No matter your style or length, you need to make sure your beard is properly moisturized to avoid the dry, itchy sensation associated with growing out your beard. Beard oils and light weight body oils like our (SPIN)Mist Hydrating Dry Oil smooth and soften beards and put stray beard hairs in their place. Formulated with chia, spinach, and pumpkin seed oils, it will provide your beard and face with essential nutrients such as fatty acids, vitamin E, and minerals.  Just like the hair on your head, it is important to take proper care of your beard and keep it strong and healthy. 

Keeping your beard properly trimmed will also help improve beard fullness and reduce straggly beard hairs. Tend to your beard every few days by using beard scissors or clippers and cut away hairs that do not follow the natural pattern or flow of your beard. Choose scissors that will easily cut away hairs without any hassle. To emphasize your beard, make sure to shave smoothly to your beard line or choose to fade your beard for a subtler contrast between your beard and skin. Remember to clean your beard trimming tools before every use to prevent the spread of bacteria.


Men with beards should grow accustom to keeping it clean, too. Cleansing your face on a daily basis removes grime, dirt, flakiness, and yesterday's leftovers (yes, food) that could be accumulating in your beard. We suggest using a gentle cleanser that is safe for your face and one that will help remove impurities and keep you feeling, looking, and smelling fresh. Our Bonfire (SPIN)Suds Bar is natural, gentle, and effective for your body, face, and beard. You (and your significant other) will also appreciate its light sultry fragrance of sandalwood, black pepper, and lavender that both women and men love.  

All beards should be loved, and taken care of. A beard that is well groomed Is sure to capture the attention of others. So, remember, don’t forget to neglect your beard!

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