5 Ways to Reuse Your (SPIN)Suds Bar Tins

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

You probably had the same thought when you bought that amazing shirt you own from a consignment store, or when you found that table you saved from the curb that looks great in your living room.  Who says it has to stop there? When you buy our (SPIN)Suds Bars, you also buy an opportunity to reuse and recycle!  Each suds bar comes with a reusable storage tin that can be repurposed in so many different ways and for so many DIY projects. We have 5 of them listed for you below:


Plants are always a good way to add life and beauty to your home, but they can be pretty messy and hard to maintain. Two words: Go Mini!  The suds tins are the perfect size to hold and easily manage your succulents and other plants.  Put them on your desk, windowsill, mantle, etc.; they’ll spruce up the whole room!



We all have those days where we want to try out a new recipe, but one look in our disorganized spice cabinet can bring us down.  Have all of your spices labeled and uniform with our suds tins!  Declutter your spice cabinet and keep your kitchen looking organized and homey with your new set of personalized spice jars!


Who doesn’t love to snack?  Reduce your use of plastic baggies and keep yourself from finishing your entire bag of trail mix by using our suds tins as snack containers.  They’re the perfect size to fit in your kid’s lunchbox, too!

4. PICTURE Frames

Use the clear caps of the suds tins as picture frames!  You can arrange the frames however you like to make a photo collage for your room.  Use the twine and any unused loofas (not likely) for hanging the frames and extra ornamentation.


Make your wall or the centerpiece on your dining table look amazing by repurposing those suds tins as candle holders!  You can decorate the outsides with paper and mount them or arrange them in any way you want!  Set the mood with (SPIN)flare!

The possibilities for reuse are endless!  With a little imagination, you can reduce your environmental impact by cutting down on waste.  Help the earth and help yourself this summer with these DIY tips!

Stay natural,

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Pam is majoring in ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Michigan. Her focus is in sustainability and environmental consciousness. In her free time, she likes to create new vegetarian recipes, solve puzzles, and watch binge on Netflix shows and documentaries.

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