5 Reasons Why Your Beauty Bag Should Go Vegan

Dear beauty bag, it's time for a purge

We’ve all heard the hype over cruelty-free and natural products, but how much do you really know about the subject? Here are 5 reasons why you should dump the animal-testing beauty products and restock with quality cruelty-free beauty products that are safe for yourself, the environment, and the animals around you.


1. What goes on behind closed factory doors


There are an estimated 100 million animals being tested on each year, even though there are many safer alternatives using newer technologies to determine whether or not a cosmetic is safe for use. In the U.S. it is completely legal to test cosmetics on animals, and by buying from these brands you are contributing to the abuse. 


2. Natural and vegan products are better for you, your hair and your skin


Natural and vegan products often have less ingredients in them overall (especially when it comes to chemicals and man-made additives) and virtually none of the ingredients are harmful. Artificial and non-vegan products that use animal byproducts in their ingredients often have a variety of chemicals and toxins that can be damaging and dangerous for you and the environment.


3. More bang for your buck


Vegan cosmetic products usually contain better quality and purer ingredients than others, even though they are generally around the same price range. You can take better care of yourself and the fur-babies around you for the same price as lower quality products.


4. Every non-vegan animal tested product has a vegan, cruelty-free dupe


There are countless brands that don’t test on animals and that are completely vegan. The majority of them are actually well known brands and household names. There are many high quality makeup, hair, and skin products that won’t do any harm to the environment. Check out PETA’s database of companies that don’t test on animals for more information.


5. The butterfly effect


Every person who decides to go vegan with their beauty bag makes a difference, and if we all come together we can make a huge impact. Consider going cosmetically vegan. By doing this, you are changing the world around you one product at a time. It’s always the little things that accumulate to make the biggest difference.

Ditching your non-vegan and animal tested cosmetics is the best decision for you, your skin, and your hair. Beyond the benefits for the environment and the creatures in it, the nutrients and simplistic ingredients are better for YOU. Most normal makeups have toxins that can be harmful, but sticking to vegan and cruelty-free is the best way to avoid any dangerous ingredients.

Sophie is a Marketing Coordinator specializing in the salon, spa and beauty industries. With her love (and slight obsession) of all things hair, skin and everything in between, she is always up to speed with the latest beauty finds and industry trends.