Add Some Greenery to Winter Blues


It's safe to say we're obsessed with green. Wearing green, eating green, slathering greens and botanicals all over our bodies, hair, and boyfriends' beards...etc. It's also safe to say we aren't alone in our obsession with all things GREEN. We were excited to hear that Pantone, too, dedicated 2017 to our favorite spot on the color wheel when they announced Greenery as color of the year! We approve.

With all of the 'now what?' feelings that flood in with the new year after the end of the holiday rush, it's easy to sink into winter blues and forget about the greenery that kept life sunshiny during the summertime. However, it's never too deep into winter to pump back in some summer-inspired greens into your life. We've gathered 5 surefire ways to add in more daily greenery—both figuratively and literally—to curb winter blues during the post-holiday season and leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and like doing the happy dance a little more often.

1. Add AIR PLANTS & SUCCULENTs to your home


You don't have to have a green thumb to appease your green cravings. Resilient plants like succulents and air plants make for awesome interior decor for people with zero time and/or zero green thumbs. Incorporating more plants into your interior getup creates naturally occurring air filtration so you can breath and rest easy. Feeling stressed? Plants have also been said to ease anxiety and stress levels, so they're a win-win-win. 



We can't all be Popeye. Eating greens isn't so exciting for everybody. However, if you are not already a veggie lover, or on the veggie-obsessive level that we're on, you can still trick your brain into enjoying your next plate of greens. Salads don't have to be a bore. Spruce up your next spinach, kale or mustard green salad by sauteing the greens lightly first. Layer with toasted nuts, roasted beet roots like carrots and turnips, blackened cherry tomatoes, pasta, or a drizzle of hot olive oil for some added color, crunch and flavor. Who's yawning at your lunch now?



What better pick-me-up than a hot shower or warm bath? Lather on the sunshine with our (SPIN)suds bar in Green Light, our summery, meadow-fresh castile bar soap. Our gentle formula is handmade and infused naturally with locally sourced organic spinach. If 'Greenery' has an aroma, this is it! Hand-blended with essential oils of kelp, orchid, black pepper and oakmoss, Green Light has an earthy unisex fragrance that will add life to tired, defeated skin and add greenery to winter blues. [Shop Green Light here]



Ok, so it's not exactly green but another important summer quality we miss during the winter is simple sunshine—rich in vitamin D! Despite the dreary weather, make sure you are getting a healthy dose of vitamin D, which helps maintain a pleasant mood and overall wellbeing. Besides vitamin D, there are also a multitude of green supplements available for an added daily boost of greenery to your diet. One of our favorite green supplements that is also rich in vitamin D is Aloha Greens, a powder mash-up of spinach, spirulina, wheatgrass, berries and other superfoods. Sprinkle green supplement powders into smoothies, shakes, tea or even your morning coffee for an added boost of greens. 



Speaking of morning coffee, try making the switch to matcha! Matcha is a powder made from ground whole tea leaves. Instead of steeping the leaves in water and extracting flavor as you would with other teas, with matcha, you're enjoying the nutrients of the entire leaf rather than just its extract. Matcha powder is a brilliant green that looks as bright as it will make you feel. Matcha is rich in energizing antioxidants and naturally promotes overall wellbeing with its calming properties. Matcha is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades and can appeal to all taste buds. Enjoy matcha hot, cold, over ice, as a frothy latte, sprinkled into your smoothie, milkshake, desserts or even into your next chocolate fix like these mouth-watering vegan matcha truffles we are now craving. 

When it comes to getting more greens, if there's a will, there is always a way. How do you lift your spirits and get your greenery on during the winter months? 

XO, Dora & Twinkle