5 Tips To Grow & Repair Your Hair This Fall

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After a long, loud, eventful summer, the fall is time to take a step back and live life thoughtfully, slow, and steady again. If you're anything like us, you may have experimented with bleaching your hair blond or rocking a bold new hair cut to rock during the fleeting summer months. In either case, fall is a great time to lay low on experimentation and shift back into reparation mode for hair and skin. After going with the pixie cut you've always wanted to try, or severely chemically damaging your hair from harsh dyes, it takes patience and TLC to nurture your hair back to health. Fall, leading into the cooler months, is the perfect time to do so. Growing your hair out can be quite the waiting game, but if you hold yourself to a healthier regimen, it will pay off in the long run--so come summer time, you'll start to see the same health and vibrancy of your hair that you almost forgot you ever had! Ground yourself this fall and be as mindful of your hair regimen as you are your life -- turn to nature and rely more so on your natural beauty and natural texture rather than harsh chemicals and texture-altering heat styling. 



Whether your're vegetarian, vegan, veggie conscious, or an omnivore -- make sure you're nourishing your body with foods high in iron and healthy proteins. Both are crucial for healthy hair growth. What you put into your body manifests outward, and matters just as much as what you apply topically, because our hair and skin health is easily affected by our diets. A healthier diet can lead to an overall better mood and outlook, reducing stress which we all know can wreak havoc on both hair and skin! A viscous cycle that stops with healthier eating habits. 



Be as gentle to your strands as physically possibly, avoiding manipulative and heat styling whenever you can. Challenge yourself to two full weeks of heat-free hair, or limit brushing and detangling to twice a week or only on wash day. Use a wide tooth comb so as not to rip or tear your hear out which can stunt your hair growth even further by causing thinning and breakage. If you must, opt for overnight heat-free styling using braids and twist-outs as opposed to flat irons and curling wands.  Our (SPIN)Therapy Moisturizer and (SPIN)Styler Flaxseed Gelly are both perfect for sealing in moisture and soft hold into over night hair styles. Always air dry (or diffuse) and opt for a microfiber towel that is gentler on your hair to avoid frizz. 



You may not be thinking of hydration as much as you do normally during the warmer months. However, staying hydrated is essential to healthy hair and skin all year long. If the chills are keeping you from wanting ice water, begin every morning with a hot cup of water flavored with lemon and agave syrup for a morning hydration boost. Remind yourself to start every meal with a glass of water as well. Making sure your body stays hydrated promotes a healthy exchange of nutrients around the body and helps eliminate waste, especially in your hair follicles. If your ends are feeling dry throughout the day, mist with water and/or a light moisturizing mist such as our (SPIN)Mist Hydrating Dry Oil for lasting hydration. 


Tip 4: cut it out

Holding on to your dead ends because you don't want to loose length is like holding on to unwanted baggage. You need to cut it off to grow. Losing just a half inch or so of dead, split ends will save you length in the long run. Leaving dead ends will allow them to multiply, split your hairs shafts, and create even more breakage. Trimming a half inch to an inch off of your hair every 3-6 months will do wonders for length retention. If you can't remember the last time a pair of scissors came anywhere near your hair, it's time. 


Tip 5: Moisturize daily. Treatments Weekly.  

Every night before bed remember to moisturize. A little goes a long way. Focus on your ends and work the product up through your strands. If you wash your hair once a week, turn wash day into a routine deep treatment day. A half hour before hopping in the shower, slather on conditioner, moisturizer, a hot oil treatment, or hair mask onto your strands, cover, and leave on until washing out in the shower. This pre-condition will help prep your hair for shampoo (if you use shampoo) and will make weekly deep treatments more reasonable and less time consuming. To create a DIY hot oil treatment - mix one cup of our (SPIN)Fuse Coconut Oil, with one tablespoon of almond, macadamia, and jojoba oils and apply to damp hair. Leave on for 10-20 minutes and wash out with shampoo prior to conditioning. If DIY isn't your thing, (SPIN)Therapy works wonders as a ready-made mask to use instead!


Always remember, when you make it about health over length, the length will come regardless -- and everything takes time. So indulge in the steady calmness of fall and use it to your advantage - be more mindful of your overall hair regimen as well as how your nourishing your body on the inside. You won't regret taking care of yourself even if it means waking up a few minutes earlier. Click here for 20 more tips on healthy hair growth from blogger One Pampered Life! If you have any questions, let us know and we'll answer on the blog!  



(SPIN)Therapy Moisturizer offers instant hydrating for dry, damaged hair. Concentrate on your ends to prevent breakage, use to naturally smooth frizz, or leave on wet hair for 10-45 minutes for an intensive hair mask to wash out with your favorite sulfate-free shampoo. Aloe vera and avocado oil deeply hydrate so your hair will look and feel touchably soft.

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