WHAT'S YOUR REGIMEN? with twinkle vakharia

When it comes to getting ready for the day, my aim is keeping my mornings as short and effortless as possible. This means I use minimal products & styling and that I don’t stand in front of a mirror for longer than 3 minutes. The secret to getting away with less than 3 minutes of mirror time is keeping my hair and skin in the best long-term condition possible, because healthy hair and skin is more manageable hair and skin.

Admittedly, I learned all of this the hard way. Back in 2012, I was still heat styling, blow drying and straightening my hair every day, as well as caking on makeup every morning. It wasn’t until I decided to study abroad in college when I realized I’d rather spend the bulk of my time exploring the world down under—not fussing with my hair and face in my bathroom.

Since then, I’ve learned to do two basic things that have contributed tremendously to my new, speedy quick and effortless hair & skin regimen:

1.    Embracing your crazy curly hair (or natural texture, whichever it may be)

2.    Letting your skin breathe



I follow the Curly Girl no-poo method, which focuses on avoiding bad stuff for your hair and retaining the hair’s natural nourishing properties. Since switching to the Curly Girl method, I avoid sulfates, silicones, and heat to prevent my curl-bonds from damage.

I use a no-poo cleansing conditioner twice a week to wash my hair. I then slather on (spin)therapy leave-in moisturizer—I have very thick, long hair, so I use a considerable amount of (spin)therapy, though a little goes a long way! For thinner hair types, we recommend using smaller amount. Once evenly distributed, I plop my hair in a t-shirt until it stops dripping. I then take it out, gently finger-comb my damp strands and lightly spray my ends with (spin)mist, our silicone free dry-oil. 

My hair texture never looks the exactly the same day-to-day, but 98% of the time, my curls are bouncing and my mane stays frizz-free—even when it’s raining!


I use a gentle exfoliating facial scrub infused with ginger & lemon zest twice a day with warm water. For the rest of my body, I absolutely adore our green light (spin)suds bars for bathing and using (spin)therapy as a moisturizing lotion for my legs, arms & feet.

My daytime routine consists of a silicone-free facial cream loaded with SPF (30+) and a light blending foundation to even out my skin-tone. If my day has me looking more polished than usual, I’ll throw on a light neutral shimmer, black eyeliner and a touch of lip color as well.  At night, I try to sleep without anything on my face. If the air is too dry in the winter, I will sometimes apply a water-based moisturizer to avoid peeling if needed.

When I notice my skin breaking out more than usual, I use a very simple exfoliating DIY recipe for upkeep. I mix a bit of Greek yogurt with a spoon of turmeric powder & a spoon of ground oats, gently rub the mixture onto my skin for 3-5 min and then rinse off with cool water.  It takes off a layer of dead skin and feels so refreshing!

I hate feeling being held back by the struggle of looking good. It took years, but I have finally found a combination of products that do minimal damage to my hair and skin so I can sustain a low-maintenance lifestyle. While less than 3 minute mirror time might sound impossible, the time I’m saving to spend out in the world rather than in my bathroom is very worth it!

- Twinkle