12 Ways to Use (Spin)Fuse Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is full of surprises! It is known to be one of the most versatile and healthiest substances out there. Espinache's newest edition (Spin)Fuse Coconut oil is your perfect summer essential, containing vitamins A, B, and C that work to condition, strengthen, renew and protect both your hair and skin. The added benefits of cold-pressed, virgin spinach seed oil provide a natural boost of b-vitamins and biotin for glowing summer skin and hydrated hair. 


so You got this tub of the good stuff, but what exactly is it for? 


The added benefits of cold-pressed, virgin spinach seed oil provide a natural boost of b-vitamins and biotin for glowing summer skin and hydrated hair. 

Coconut oil for hair:  
Repairs, moisturizers, tames, conditions, styles and tones hair. 

Coconut oil for skin:  
Nourishes, hydrates, repairs, and moisturizes your skin. It carries natural antioxidant properties that works wonders for any dryness or skin irritations. 



(1) Hair Mask/Frizz Fighter

Use (Spin)Fuse Coconut Oil as an intense natural hair conditioner and frizz fighter. Rub into dry hair, put a shower cap on, and leave in for several hours before washing out with your favorite shampoo. A tiny dab rubbed through your hair makes an awesome anti-frizz treatment and absorbs into your hair throughout the day. 

(2) Body Oil/Moisturizer

(Spin)Fuse Coconut Oil feels amazing as a post-shower body oil. While your skin is still slightly damp after towel drying, apply a generous amount of (Spin)Fuse Coconut Oil all over body to 'seal' in moisture and provide a protective barrier while moisturizing all at once. While it will feel a but oily at first, after a few blinks of an eye, you'll see how it sinks right into your skin without the greasy feel. 

(3) Lip Balm

If you want something super light for lips, coconut oil works as a quick absorbing lip balm! If you don't want to walk around all day with your jar of (Spin)Fuse Coconut oil, a quick tip is to scoop some into a contact lens holder so you can carry it around with you all day.  Just use your fingertip to apply. 

(4) Under eye cream

A teeny tiny dot goes a long way! Warm up a small amount of (Spin)Fuse Coconut Oil by rubbing a pinch of coconut oil between your fingers and gently patting underneath your eyes. This works best overnight so that by the time you're awake, the coconut and spinach seed oils will have worked their magic. 

(5) Makeup Remover

Dab a cotton ball with (Spin)Fuse Coconut Oil to use as a gentle make-up remover. Coconut oil gets even the toughest of 'water proof' makeup right off in one try. Coconut oil is great for daily use because it is all natural, moisturizing and simultaneously acts as a 'pre-cleansing' oil prior to using your favorite facial wash to work deep into your pores. 

(6) Body scrub

Mix sea salt or sugar with equal parts of melted or soften coconut oil.  In the shower, scrub a generous amount all over any rough patches of skin, feet, or knees to buff away dryness while infusing moisture back in with the powers of spinach seed oil and coconut oil. 

(7) Shaving Cream

Warm your jar under warm/hot water to soften the coconut oil at room temperature. When it liquefies, smooth over legs, underarms and/or bikini line before shaving for an extra smooth shave! 

(8) Fade away discoloration, Sun spots & Stretch marks

The richness of organic, virgin coconut oil can help reduce the blotchy appearance of sun spots, acne spots, age spots and discoloration. For new mommies or anyone who has recently experiences rapid weight gain or weight loss, (Spin)Fuse Coconut oil can also work wonders for soothing stretchmarks when applied regularly.  

(9) Detangler

After washing your hair in the shower, apply (Spin)Fuse Coconut Oil to wet hair. Massage coconut oil in and let it sit for 1-5 minutes. Starting at the bottom of your hair, gently work your way up with a wide tooth comb. Then rinse with cool water. 

(10) Prevent split ends

If your hair is naturally oily, use (Spin)Fuse Coconut Oil on your dry split ends before shampooing. If you shampoo in the morning, apply a generous amount of coconut oil to your split ends and cover your hair while you sleep. The next morning, wash your hair as normal. This helps 'prep' your hair for the harshness of shampoo to avoid split ends! If your hair is naturally dry, rub a small amount of (Spin)Fuse Coconut Oil onto split ends daily (or nightly). 

(11) Shape your beard/stache

A little bit goes a long way when it comes to bear care. If you have a thick, gnarly beard or luscious mustache, a small amount of (Spin)Fuse Coconut Oil can be used to smooth and shape your facial hair into the look you want.  

(12) SoothE Sunburn

Apply a generous amount to burned, irritated skin. Smooth on and let it work it's magic to help soothe and heal dead, burned skin. 



This is your all-purpose, do-all product for hair and skin. Dryness? Flakes? Irritation? Stretchmarks? Frizz? Split ends? Flyaways? No more. 




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