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Spinach-infused for a boost of b-vitamins and minerals

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100% vegan

100% Vegan


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no sulfates

No sulfates

All espinache products are free of harsh sulfates. Instead, we opt for gentler cleansing alternatives and good old-fashion soap. Sulfates are known known irritants for scalp and skin, can be overly drying, and can strip hair and skin from their natural moisturizing oils. Prolonged use of the common sulfates SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and SLES (sodium laureth sulfate) can lead to long term damage including dull, dry, brittle, irritated and/or flaking hair and skin, split ends, and frizz! #notworthit

no silicones

no silicones

While silcone does having smoothing and silkening properties, the major issue with silicone is that it is often difficult to remove. This means the potential to eventually smother the scalp, skin, and hair leading to product build-up. The few cleansing agents that can effectively remove silicones are sulfates, which are also bad news for your scalp, hair and skin! To avoid product build up and to avoid the need for sulfates, we opt out of silicones and use water-soluable silkening alternatives. 

no parabens

No parabens

Parabens have been used as preservatives in cosmetics for decades, though have stayed under the radar until fairly recently when their potential link to cancer was discovered. Though it's never been officially confirmed that parabens are a direct cause of cancer, parabens have been found present in cancerous tumors. Even though it is uncertain whether parabens are carcinogenic, we can't stomach the thought of taking the risk! This is why we opt for gentler, safe, plant-based, alternatives.

no mineral oil

No mineral oils

Mineral oil is a byproduct of petroleum that undergoes several stages of refinement. Mineral oil is so commonly used in cosmetics mostly because it is cheap. We don't believe the benefit of mineral oil, which is essentially lubrication, outweighs its potential adverse effects and toxins. While it helps prevent moisture from getting out, it also prevents moisture from getting in! It can block pores, smother hair follicles, and potentially stunt hair growth which is why we opt for more effective alternatives.