purifying clay powder that frees facial skin, hair & scalp from excess oils & buildup

This detoxifying clay face mask draws out impurities and tightens facial skin while doubling as an oil-absorbing dry shampoo powder to reduce the appearance of greasy hair

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silicone free | sulfate free | paraben free | mineral oil free | no artificial fragrances | 100% vegan | handmade

What it does:

This natural purifying clay powder absorbs and extracts oils, dirt and build up from clogged facial pores and reduces the appearance of greasy hair by absorbing excess oils from roots and scalp. Bentonite and French green clays exfoliate facial skin drawing out impurities when applied onto face as a facial mask, and they absorb excess oils and grease when powdered onto scalp as a dry shampoo. Spinach powder and kelp powder provide a natural boost of fortifying biotin, b-vitamins, and key minerals naturally found in spinach and kelp for healthy, glowing hair and skin.

Approx. 2 oz

How it works:

  • Tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils gently disinfect, soothe inflammation and fight acne and dandruff causing bacteria.

  • Bentonite and French green clays absorb excess oils, dirt and build up to reduce the appearance of greasy hair and exfoliate facial skin, drawing out impurities.

  • Spinach powder provides a natural boost of biotin and b-vitamins for healthy, glowing, hydrated hair and skin.

  • Arrowroot powder absorbs excess oils while moisturizing hair and skin. It also improves the skin and hair’s absorption of other key nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

  • Rosemary and basil essential oils naturally brighten hair and skin while toning discoloration.


Effective for use on dry skin, combination skin, oily skin, irritated skin, and mature skin.

Key Ingredients:

spinach seed oil

Spinach is densely packed with vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that are all essential for healthy hair and skin. Vitamins A, B, and C strenghthen and protect while omega-3, magnesium and powerful antioxidants preserve health and help reverse the signs of aging.

tea tree essential oil

tea tree essential oil

Coveted for its natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties, tea tree oil frees skin from impurities for a deeper clean. A little goes a long way toward prepping skin and scalp to avoid dryness, flakiness and inflammation with prolonged use.


french green clay

French green clay is a detoxifying clay that absorbs and extracts dirt, excess oils and sweat, and build up from clogged pores. It helps tighten pores and nourishes skin with natural minerals.


arrowroot powder

Arrowroot powder is a super fine, highly absorbent powder that draws out excess oils from facial skin, hair and scalp. It provides a silky, smooth feel while soothing irritated skin. It is also rich in essentials nutrients and vitamins including vitamin A and vitamin B and when applied to skin, promotes the absorption of other nutrients and purifying ingredients.


For best results:

For face, mix equal parts powder & water. Brush evenly onto face, air dry, then rinse. For hair, dust onto roots with powder brush to reduce oily appearance & add volume. For external use only.


Full Ingredients:

Arrowroot Powder, Baking Soda, Bentonite Clay, French Green Clay, Spinach Powder, Kelp Powder, Basil Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Rosewood Essential Oil


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