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We're not a beauty line because

it's not about beauty

It's about breaking beauty barriers.

We created a line of grooming products offering the benefits of spinach and fortifying botanicals tailored for all hair  textures, body types, and unique complexions because we realize there's no such thing as 'normal.' When it comes to hair and skin care, there is simply YOU. The truth is, we've always been a little weird. It took years of awkward phases, botched hair cuts, damaging chemical relaxers, and trial and error to finally realize our natural hair and skin (however weird) shouldn't be any other way. 

Espinache products are formulated with natural organic spinach, fortified with potent nourishing properties like B-vitamins and key minerals that benefit you. Whether you're a man or woman rocking curls, kinks, waves, locs, or pin straight tresses, the (SPIN)body collection was made to embrace and accentuate your unique features that make you you. We hope you’ll enjoy the goodness of our spinach-infused, unisex, and multiuse creations formulated for us, for you—for (every)body. 

Stay Natural,

Co-creators, Espinache 

Co-creators, Espinache 

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Formulated for all hair types and unique complexions.

Scented with unisex fragrances, Espinache is formulated for both men and women because the benefits of vitamin and nutrient-rich botanicals are indescriminate. Most products making up our (SPIN)Body Collection offer multi-use functionality, providing nourishment and intensive moisture for both hair and skin—all in one!

Each of our products considers the needs of a diverse all-inclusive range of every sex, age, hair and skin type. Contact us today with your unique hair and/or skin concerns and we will provide you with a custom recomenation of espinache products for your new (SPIN)Body regimen.



Proud to be 100% vegan and
animal-cruelty free.

Espinache products are 100% vegan, free of any animal products or animal byproducts. None of our products are tested on animals and our formulations are all animal cruelty free. The ingredients used in our handmade selection of hair and body products are sourced from distributors that also abide by a cruelty free standard and do not require or partake in animal testing.  

We don't believe in the unnecessary cruel treatment of animals for cosmetic purposes. Our highest purity standards and nature-made ingredients are what make Espinache products so unique, 100% vegan, and safe for all hair and skin types. 

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Handmade with the highest purity standards & nature-made ingredients.

We wouldn't tell you to take any old food item and slather it all over your hair and skin for no good reason. There's a method to our madness that is quite simple: nature knows best. Spinach is a superfood for (every)body inside an out—naturally packed with a spectrum of B vitamins like folate and biotin as well as minerals and fatty acids.

Our hair and skin care formulas are also infused with an array of natural botanicals with potent nourishing, healing and moisturizing properties. We avoid bad chemicals wherever possible and opt for gentler, plant-based alternatives. All of our products are free of sulfates, silicones, parabens, and mineral oils.

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Supporting our local farms & hometown communities.

We keep it fresh by infusing locally-sourced, organic spinach in our hair and skin care products. Our spinach is sourced from local New Jersey and Pennsylvania farms near our own hometowns in Morristown and Philadephia. We’re proud to incorporate the bounty our local neighborhoods have to offer.

We are dedicated to staying involved in our local communities and fully believe in collaboration over competition when it comes to supporting other local and/or small businesses. We often participate in local events, fundraising opportunities and partner with local artists and organizations. If you are an organization looking to partner with Espinache for your next event we would love to chat with you! 


Meet the co-creators

Dora + Twinkle



Dora began experimenting with natural hair care techniques and documenting her transition to all-natural styling on her lifestyle and beauty blog La Ti Doe. She earned a BA in Communication Studies at the University of Michigan where she authored award-winning Honors thesis “The Third Wave Afro,” exploring the contemporary dialogue and perception of Black hair and beauty standards as portrayed in social media and digital spaces.

Through blogging, research, and active involvement in the natural hair community, Dora discovered that while more and more cosmetics have emerged for multi-cultural hair care, there are still divides among hair textures and a lack of unity and inclusiveness in the natural and vegan cosmetic industries. Borrowing inspiration from her Spinach Blog, where she creates spinach-based recipes and promotes an all-around wholesome ingredients, she discovered that spinach was also beneficial for healthy hair and skin. She started Espinache to take part in the movement to break the beauty barriers of race, gender, and hair texture, creating a cosmetic line with a focus on the natural, nourishing, and all-inclusive properties of spinach that are beneficial for all shades of beauty. 




While earning her BA in marketing from Pace University, Twinkle Vakharia studied global marketing and consumerism while abroad in Australia, where she further cultivated a sustainable lifestyle through vegetarianism and eco-conscious living.  She returned to New York City to intern in the fashion PR industry, where she came to realize the unnatural standards reinforced by the American beauty industry. With a diverse background in business marketing, psychology, and natural living, Twinkle joined forces with Dora to bridge the gap between natural living and natural grooming. 




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