Symposium on Key Technology of Cross-strait Channel (Submerged Floating Tunnel) was Held at Tsinghua University

On November 28, the symposium themed key technology of cross-strait channel (submerged floating tunnel), which is a major scientific problem and engineering technical problem of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), was held in Tsinghua University. Co-sponsored by Architectural Society of China (ASC) and School of Civil Engineering in Tsinghua University, 15 experts including Prof. Jianmin Zhang, Dean of School of Civil Engineering, Prof. Yongjiu Shi, Prof. Erxiang Song, Prof. Zhiming Wu and Associate Prof. Xiaohui Cheng from Tsinghua University, Prof. Jianyun Chen from Dalian University of Technology, Dr. Xiaohu Chen, Vice President of T.Y. Lin International Engineering Consulting (China) Co., Ltd., Wei Lin, Senior Engineer of CCCC Highway Consultants Co., Ltd., et al. and several administrators including Fan Deng, Director of the Academic Exchange Department of CAST, Qun Yang, Deputy Secretary-General of ASC, Xuesong Wu, Deputy Secretary-General of Institute of Building Construction of ASC, et al. attended the symposium which was chaired by Xuesong Wu and Xiaohui Cheng.


Group photo of participants


At the symposium, Fan Deng introduced the appraising and selection activity regarding "major scientific problems and engineering technical problems" of CAST. In 2018 and 2019, a total of 80 major scientific problems and engineering technical problems were collected and released and the release of these problems have generated favorable social response. Qun Yang hoped that the meeting would discuss the progress, major difficulties, suggestions on future development and application and policy suggestions of relevant issues. Jianmin Zhang expressed his gratitude toward the presence of seniors from CAST and ASC in his speech. He introduced the discipline construction and development situation of School of Civil Engineering of Tsinghua University and conveyed his expectation on the research team of Tsinghua University to get attached to the country, bear the world in their mind, exert their excellent qualities of overcoming difficulties and daring to pioneer and contribute to the settlement of major needs of the country.


Jianmin Zhang giving a speech 


Fan Deng giving a speech


Qun Yang giving a speech


Submerged floating tunnel is a new type of cross-sea structure following cross-sea bridge and submarine tunnel. There are no similar construction projects undergoing in the world. It is an important approach to deal with transportation projects such as fjord crossing and deep-sea passage in the future and it is of important strategic significance in leading the future development of transportation in our country and building China as a giant power in transportation. "Key technology of cross-strait channel (submerged floating tunnel)" is one of the difficult problems which was declared by the School of Civil Engineering of Tsinghua University, recommended to ASC by Institute of Building Construction-ASC, reported to CAST and then finally selected in 2018. 

At the symposium, Yongjiu Shi, Erxiang Song, Zhiming Wu, Xiaohui Cheng, Wei Lin and Jianyun Chen made keynote reports respectively on relevant research work. The experts had abundant discussions on the technical feasibility, necessity, key technologies and application prospects of submerged floating tunnel.


Yongjiu Shi making keynote report 


Erxiang Song making keynote report 


Xiaohui Cheng making keynote report 


Zhiming Wu making keynote report


Wei Lin making keynote report 


Jianyun Chen making keynote report

This is the last symposium (session 62) in response to the Notice on Convening a Series of Symposia on Major Scientific Problems and Engineering Technical Problems in document No. [2019]133 issued by CAST. The reports ed after the symposia will be submitted to the relevant departments of the country so that the problems collected and selected by CAST can serve the national scientific and technological decision-making, get incorporated into the national planning and combined with major national engineering projects, boost the joint tackling of key technologies and facilitate their application and promotion.