The Department of Construction Management held a talk on "Tracking Urban Resilience in the Digital Era "

On June 14, 2019, Dr.Yan Wang, associate professor of the university of Florida, was invited to the department of construction management and gave an academic talk on the theme of "Tracking Urban Resilience in theDigital Era". Dr. Nan Li, the director of the Institute of Sustainable Urbanization of the Department of Construction Management, presided over the talk and introduced the Dr. Yan Wang to the teachers and students, and extended a warm welcome to her visit.


With the goal of “Making cities more resilient”, Dr. Wang understood and explored urban resilience during disaster events from the human mobility perspective, spatial network perspective and coupled sentiment and mobility perspective. Then, Dr. Wang introduced the method of real-time detection of urban emergencies by tracking of geo-topics. In the final question-and-answer session, Dr. Wang made discussions on "how to explain the rationality of urban resilience based on human mobility and other perspectives" ,"how to divide the stages of disasters", etc.


Finally, Dr. Li made a brief summary of the talk and expressed his sincere thanks to Dr. Wang for her wonderful talk.

About the speaker

Yan Wang: She is an assistant professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning and a core faculty member of the Florida Institute for Built Environment Resilience (FIBER) at the University of Florida. Dr. Wang is also the Director of Urban Complexity and Resilience Lab and a Global Research Fellow. Her research engages resilience of complex system and urban analytics. Her expertise involves data analytics (especially social media data), urban computing, complex network analysis, planning ination system, etc.